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Moms in Power Journal

Moms in Power Journal

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The Interactive Journal is the perfect tool for self-exploration and growth. It was created for women who struggle with Post-Partum Depression, anxiety or who have experienced trauma or emotional challenges in their journey. Using creative writing, tailored prompts, and vibrant colors, it provides a unique way to express yourself and start the healing process. Its supportive approach is designed to help you with restoration and lead you on a remarkable journey of self-discovery.

Throughout the Journal You will have the opportunity to explore:

  • Redefining who you are in motherhood 
  • Eliminating Self-Sabotage on Your Healing Journey 
  • Being Confident in Your Physical Appearance 
  • Learning The Importance of Rest 
  • Setting Goals and Celebrating Yourself 
  • & So Much More!

The journal is a hard-cover unique design that captures the eyes and hearts of the reader. It contains a total of 124 pages, with sections on insightful practices, 6 chapters that specifically concentrate on the stages of healing, and restorative practices. It includes 22 activities that allow for reflection and self-development on a beautiful path of resiliency. 

How to use

This journal allows each and every person to explore areas in their life that need healing and restoration. You can use it coupled with therapeutic practices, or create your own journey that is most beneficial to you.

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Our Promise

Moms in Power encourages all women in their unique journey to feel confident in who they are and who they desire to become. Every tool was designed with a purpose: to provide healing, restoration and build confidence through self love and recognizing self worth.