Our Story

Often times in motherhood, women become so consumed with the role and responsibilities of being a mother, who they are as a woman can become lost or distorted. There is period of redefining so many aspects of their life. Moms in Power is a journey through motherhood rediscovering a woman’s purpose as she heals, embodies restoration and walks confidently in who she is and who she desires to be. 

Our Mission

Moms in Power is a transformative business dedicated to empowering women on their unique journey in motherhood. Through the use of healing affirmations, strategic goal-setting, and specialized tools, we focus on building self-confidence, fostering self-development, and renewing faith within mothers.

Our mission is to create a supportive community that enables women to navigate the challenges of motherhood with strength and resilience, ultimately helping them unlock their full potential. Moms in Power is committed to being a catalyst for positive change, fostering personal growth, and celebrating the incredible strength that comes with embracing the journey of motherhood.

CEO and Creator

Arlyana Shanice, M.S. LSW.

Arlyana Shanice, the passionate and dedicated CEO of Moms in Power, holds a Master's Degree in Psychology and is a licensed Social Worker in the State of  Massachusetts. With a lifelong commitment to helping others, Arlyana has channeled her expertise and personal journey into empowering mothers. Recognizing the critical need for maternal mental health advocacy, she founded Moms in Power to provide support, healing, and restoration for mothers navigating the complexities of motherhood.

Arlyana's own experiences as a mother fueled her drive to create a community where women can find strength, confidence, and purpose. Under her leadership, Moms in Power offers tailored programs that include healing affirmations, goal-setting tools, and a supportive network designed to uplift mothers at every stage of their journey. Arlyana's vision is to ensure that no mother feels alone, providing the resources and encouragement needed for them to thrive. Her unwavering dedication to maternal mental health advocacy continues to inspire and transform lives, one empowered mother at a time.