Our Story

Often times in motherhood, women become so consumed with the role and responsibilities of being a mother, who they are as a woman can become lost or distorted. There is period of redefining so many aspects of their life. Moms in Power is a journey through motherhood rediscovering a woman’s purpose as she heals, embodies restoration and walks confidently in who she is and who she desires to be. 

Our Mission

The mission of Moms in Power is to empower women who are healing through affirmations, and goal setting, while building self-confidence, and utilizing tools to renew faith within themselves.

Because a Mom in Power is a Woman Empowered. 

CEO and Creator

Arlyana Shanice, M.S. LSW.

As a Mother who struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of my daughter, I found one of my biggest struggles was I no longer knew or understood who I was as a person. I created what I believed to be a solid foundation, I had a fantastic village and support system that allowed me an opportunity to nurture the mother I was becoming however I greatly neglected deeper parts of myself. My focus had solely shifted to everything it took to become a caring, active, present and loving mother however I neglected to be all of that for myself. This contributed to so many tests and trials in my postpartum journey and recovery. I went through an identity crisis, completely overwhelmed with unbecoming, unlearning, and losing so much of myself, I no longer recognized who I was. Yes, I had complete confidence in being a great mother but who I was as a woman was so unfamiliar.
Over time, I was able to develop a plan for restoration. I fought through the grief of who I once was, insecurities, fear, and doubt, and took steps to create a new version of myself; and an improved version of myself.
Women have to undergo labor, before birthing new life. Moms in power was created in the same way. I carried something within me but before I could push it out, I had to labor through the highs and lows of my own journey. I had to endure periods of pain and hardship, and still, I found the strength to endure, and then I was able to be born into someone new.
I want this to be an opportunity to bring new life to other women who may have shared similar experiences to my own. It is time to feel empowered again, to heal, nurture, and find strength within yourself. It is time to create and utilize tools, declare affirmations, believe in yourself, and set goals to encourage the woman you are becoming in motherhood.