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Grand Queen Candle

Grand Queen Candle

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Grand Queen

There is something to be said about the women and mothers that have come before us. The ones that imparted wisdom, advice, and so much love. This Candle was created for The Matriarchs of the family, for they are Grand Queens indeed.

With soft notes of lavender, a Sweet and Spicy Combination of Teakwood and Bergamont, this beautiful scent smells like your grandma's favorite perfume. A Powerhouse of a scent just like the Power Houses of each family.

Candle Details:

  • Each Candle is made with Coconut Wax and a custom blend of unique fragrances that are hand-poured with love
  • They come in a frosted white glass with a bamboo lid and wooden wick. Each glass is reusable as well

How to use

This journal allows each and every person to explore areas in their life that need healing and restoration. You can use it coupled with therapeutic practices, or create your own journey that is most beneficial to you.

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Our Promise

Moms in Power encourages all women in their unique journey to feel confident in who they are and who they desire to become. Every tool was designed with a purpose: to provide healing, restoration and build confidence through self love and recognizing self worth.