Strength in Her Story

Strength in Her Story

March is Women’s Mental Health Month, Which Means we are celebrating All Month Long! 

This is OUR Month: So We are intentionally working on our healing, Celebrating each Milestone and walking in Restoration and Wholeness! We are seeing our Full Potential and Working Towards Becoming all we Desire to Be!

Moms in Power was created for Women who struggle with mental health diagnosis such as depression and anxiety, and also for mothers who have experienced trauma that may have on effect on how they view themselves in her journey in motherhood. 

There is something so beautiful and Unique about a person’s story. It tells of broken pieces, and dark places but there is also so much strength, and perseverance, there are new revelations and victories that are admirable. There is also bravery in transparency, and it builds a community of impact and influence that can help shed light into the lives of so many.

Through the entire Month of March Moms in Power Wants the Opportunity to Celebrate You and Your story!

I want to highlight 8 amazing women as they share the power in their story and use their voice to bring forth change and encouragement in our community. They will be highlighted on Wednesday and Saturdays with a blog post on the Moms in Power Website and Shout Out on Social Media Platforms Including Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram. The rules are simple, send an email using our Website or email us directly at expressing your interest in the “Strength in Her Story 2023” or comment on any social media post for further instruction.

This is not a competition, because every person needs to know that their story is powerful! So we will do this on a first come, first serve basis. The first 8 Moms who completely read the instructions, agree to the terms and conditions and submit the Blog Post, will be featured for the entire Month!  Let’s raise awareness about Mother’s who parent with Mental Health Diagnosis and Emotional Challenges and Break the stigma while encouraging other women!

Let the World Know that There is Strength in Your Story!


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